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The stupid shit we do because were stubborn idiots. x)
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Who am I?
Who am I?
I wish I would know who I am
Say goodbye
To the stranger but I'm too shy
Lift the veil
But I'm sure I will fail
Who am I?
If I would find out I would probably cry
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 11 7
Who are you?
Or who do you want to be?
I always thought this doesn't matter
I always thought I knew the answer
But society proved me wrong
Are you a cat?
Or are you not sure?
Will you get mad at me
If I say you're a bird flying over the sea
But I'm afraid to say something wrong
So tell me who are you?
I'm confused
Does this really matter to you
It doesn't matter to me
As long as you are a human being
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 16 7
Dirty Blood
I think my words are loosing quality
My sentences used to make more sense
Old poems used to make a change
And now I only feel rage
My veins are filled with deadly ink
Let my blood flow through the kitchen sink
Drown my doubts and drown my hope
I know I can't clean my blood with soap
:icontimelessdaydreamer:TimelessDaydreamer 11 16

Newest Deviations

It is all blissfully fading,
I'm feeling stronger,
I feel my old self returning,
Through the valley of darkness I have walked for too long,
Been at war with myself,
I've hated myself,
This hole that I dug myself,
I've gave it everything,
Converted it all,
This life of mine is expanding,
Excited by what awaits me,
:icon27400:27400 2 0
The magic Plant.
A spot on my stomach,
I squeezed it and a seed came out,
I planted the seed and pissed on it,
I then got some sleep,
The moon woke my seed,
The alchemy of urine ,
The magnetic pull of the moon,
The light on the moon from the sun,
I woke in the morning,
Went outside and my seed had grown,
It was a plant made of flesh,
It's flower head was my eyes,
It's petals we're my lips,smiling.
:icon27400:27400 0 0
Lazer hands.
I change my hands into lazers,
My hands go into the rock like a knife to butter,
I feel thy rock ,
It's like liquid,
I begin creating at lightning speed,
:icon27400:27400 1 0
Creating a Demon Hunter. :icon27400:27400 0 0 The Twins machine. :icon27400:27400 1 0
I've never been good at maths
:icon27400:27400 0 2
My room is shrinking,
Lack of ideas,
Lack of words,
This is the good stuff,
Looking around in my mind,
Something to connect with,
Sentences shorten,
Less space,
Atoms shrinking,
Words fading,
Panting like a hot dog in a dessert,
I see a mirage,
It says 998
:icon27400:27400 0 0
The rain fell ,
Steam reaction from my hot mind,
That radiated my whole body,
The steam formed clouds,
The clouds made pictures,
I could see numbers in thy clouds,
:icon27400:27400 0 0
996 reasons why I should go,
2 reasons why I should stay.
:icon27400:27400 1 0
Half full or half empty?
It is both obviously,
Cherish the half one has drank,
Enjoy thy taste,
Rejoice in what you have left
:icon27400:27400 0 0
Some stories have ended,
Books that have grown wings,
Full of knowledge and emotion,
Take away something good,I hope,
For the good should always outweigh the bad,
New books have started,
Very interesting to read,
Read my book if you will,
I have wings but I'm too fat!
:icon27400:27400 0 0
Just a few ingredients for defence and attack,
For silence is Akin to nothingness,
How can one reach their hand out if the other back is turned?
:icon27400:27400 1 1
As far as I can travel,
As far as I can see,
As far as my brain can run
I should just Let it be,
But I'm pulled by a force,
I'm pulled by myself,
i fall but climb once again
More to collect for my shelf,
Even when my mind is empty,
Even in a drought,
I know the heavens will open for me,
For me,there is never a doubt!
:icon27400:27400 0 0
This soup of online,
All that art,
So much,too much,
Intoxicates my heart and mind beautifully,
Such power I witness,
Visual power,
I lift out my sythe from thy soup,
It drains and little pieces of inspiration become my Gold.
:icon27400:27400 1 0
10 poems to mark my thousand in this gallery,
It started off as poetry,
But along the way,got lost,
Frozen by their headlights,
And stuck by the  bitter frost,
My journey has been fun thus far,
I'm trying to be a poet,
Lots of twists and turns and emotions,
But I may never know it,
I'm touched by  all your comments,
You make me laugh and smile,
Another poem in the bag,
And I've walked another mile!
:icon27400:27400 0 0
I'm trying.
Wrong is my  words sometimes,
Apathy was empathy,
I giggle to myself,
Empathy are for those who have struggled,
Experienced in emotion,
In love and life,
We wish to help those who experience the negative side of these phenomenons,
Because we have experienced them too
Apathy are for those who hAve yet to struggle in life,
They're empathy is yet to be born,
:icon27400:27400 0 0


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